First world problems.

Since my first trip, a hard thing to find out in Japan was an ATM where I could withdraw money using my German debit card. I narrowed my choices to Citibank, the Japan Postal bank and the ATMs in the convenient stores 7/11. The latter was always a good choice, since they are scattered all around and they’re always open (for the record, some ATMs in Japan have opening times).

I used to believe that the limit of 10000 Yen which I always had when withdrawing money, was due to a limit for foreign cards. However, the first time I tried to pick up money since I arrived last week, 7/11 wouldn’t let me. I panicked. My head started to play with the idea that, due to the Yen’s strength, 10000 Yen is now slightly more than 100 Euro (whereas the last year it was slightly less than 100 Euro, in my first trip in 2007, it was way less than 100 Euro).
The problem with 7/11 is that it only delivers banknotes of 10000 Yen. So, to test my hypothesis, I headed to a Postal bank’s ATM, which delivers 1000 Yen banknotes, so I could manually set to 9000 Yen the desired amount to retrieve, and it worked.

While I can continue this way, I’d eventually have to visit the ATM more often, which means more comissions to pay, which doesn’t make me happy. And I’d like to complain, but I don’t know where. or I do know but I’d rather not do it 🙂

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