Since the day I arrived to Tokyo and I picked up my keys, the girl from the agency told me that on August 10th there would be Hanabi (fireworks) in Aoyama, near the appartment, and if desired, I could even go up to the rooftop to watch them.

I asked what would be the reason for the Hanabi, she and her coworker told me that is is just common in Summer.

So, last Friday, after a coworker and I had a drink we stepped on the street to find it out full, well organized and full, with lots of people wearing Yukatas. The fireworks were taking place at the Jingu Stadium, which happens to be just behind the Oracle building. There was a fee to enter to the stadium, but it wasn’t full. I went back to the 16th floor in the Oracle Building to watch the fireworks, some coworkers were also watching while having a beer or a snack. I was not the only one taking pictures.

After the show was over, in the street again, I noticed how the police was trying to keep the order, showing the people which way to “exit”.

Fireworks over the Jingu Stadium
More fireworks
More Hanabi
The crowded street and the stadium seen from the top
The ordered chaos after the fireworks at Aoyama Street

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