Posted by: gneidisch | August 14, 2012

Comiket: Cosplay at Ariake

Last weekend I went to the Big Sight in Ariake, to a Cosplay event, the Comic Market 82. Although the place is huge, the amount of attendants and the heat made it feel narrow for moments.

Interesting, fascinating, admirable, colorful, artistic are just a few words in my head trying to describe what I could witness: lots of people, mostly young and teenagers, gather to dress up as their favorite manga, anime, video game or visual-kei character; sometimes solo, sometimes in a small group.

I noticed that they usually have a suitcase, which makes me think that they dress up in the place. Most of them are very glad when they’re asked for a picture and they even strike a pose for the moment. That could cause a big chaos in the event, so, some staff members must watch out and make a countdown for the improvised yet staged photo session to finish, and the cosplayers to move to another spot.

Most of the cosplayers were outside of the building, whereas inside was taking place the actual exhibition of the Comiket, with many stands and some more cosplayers which were part of the stands, just some consumism added to the free event.

I cannot really show off how much I know about characters, I only recogniced Porco Rosso, and some minutes later a friend showed me the Final Fantasy characters.

Click here for the little gallery!!!

I am not a cosplayer…

Most of the people taking pics are… dudes :-)

Click here for the little gallery!!!

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  1. I envy you so much to be ablo to go to this kind of stuff in Japan :-) I recognize a few of them since I’ve started watching more anime lately.

    Hope you’re having a lot of fun in Japan.

  2. El edificio de atrás es Umeda verdad?
    Oye y así está diario nublado??? Que rico.
    Cuanta intensidad se respira, contradictorio el pueblo nipón. Te fotografiaste con Porco???

  3. He visto toda tu Galeria y me parece por demás simpática. me cayó bien Rambo. Y no encontré a Porco.
    Hubiera sido padre que se movieran en gatobus.

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